House Refurbishment

KMI works to improve old houses that require extensive or even minimal refurbishment. With prices at an all-time high, it only seems practical to have someone refurbish the old house to make it look as good as new. KMI experts ensure that they create something better than what you have in mind. With constant reporting and the fact that we let our clients get involved in their projects, KMI guarantees satisfying results for all its customers.

Painting a New Wall
Luxurious Home


Rebuild your kitchen space with exceptional quality furnishings like tiles, marble, high-quality wood work and so much more. With extreme attention to detail and the quest to design the most unique interiors and exteriors, KMI works to enhance the look of your kitchen with space-planning and a lot of upgrade techniques.


Everybody wants their personal space to have a personality like their own. At KMI, we provide creative consultancy to our clients to make it easier for them to develop a picture in their mind, of how they want their bedroom to look like.

Modern Bedroom
Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom Installation

Installing a perfect bathroom that is both comfortable and good to the eyes, is not an easy job. KMI has specific bathroom developers who practically plan everything out for you. With a vision to achieve perfection, experts at KMI work to give value to its customers.

Loft Conversion

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Painting Walls
Painting Walls


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